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학술지발표실적 목록
카테고리 구분 저자 제목 학술지 권, 호(연도)
2019 국제공인 Ki Uhn Ahn & Cheol Soo Park Application of deep Q-networks for model-free optimal control balancing between different HVAC systems Science and Technology for the Built Environment 2019
2019 국제공인 Kang, T.H.-K., Kim, S., Shin, J. H. and LaFave, J. M. Seismic Behavior of Exterior Beam-Column Connections with High-Strength Materials and Steel Fibers ACI Structural Journal 116,4(2019)
2019 국제공인 Lee, D.-H., Kang, T.H.-K., Ju, H., Moon, S.-W., and Yang, I.-S Seismic Performance of RC Column-Foundation Connections Using Combo-Type Mechanical Splices ACI Structural Journal V. 116, No. 5 (2019)
2019 국제공인 Jihee Oh, In-chul Kim, Kyung-Duck Suh, and Sooyoul Kim Forecasting Sudden High Waves on the Coasts of East/Japan Sea Journal of Coastal Research S1, 91 (2019)
미분류 국제공인 Chang‑Ho Jeong, Myoung‑Souk Yeo and Kwang‑Woo Kim Feasibility of a Radiant Floor Cooling System for Residential Buildings with Massive Concrete Slab in a Hot and Humid Climate International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials 2018
2019 국제공인 Jong‑Kook Hong, Yeun Chul Park, Hyoung‑Bo Sim Cyclic Performance of Easy Quality (EQ) Moment Connections as an Intermediate Steel Moment Frame International Journal of Steel Structures 19,4(2019)
2019 국제공인 Sreehari Ramachandra Prabhu, Young-Joo Lee and Yeun Chul Park A new Bayesian approach to derive Paris’ law parameters from S-N curve data Structural Engineering and Mechanics 69,4 (2019)
2019 국제공인 Yeun Chul Park, Changbeom An, Hyoung‑Bo Sim, Mancheol Kim, Jong‑Kook Hong Failure Analysis of Fatigue Cracking in the Tension Clamp of a Rail Fastening System International Journal of Steel Structures (2019)
2018 전문학술지 박영석, 최광수, 박연철 슈퍼대골형 파형강판 볼트 이음부 휨강도 평가 실험 연구 한국강구조학회논문집 30,5(2018)
2018 전문학술지 박영석, 최광수, 박연철 슈퍼대골형 파형강판 볼트 이음부 압축강도 평가 실험 연구 한국강구조학회논문집 30,5(2018)


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