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학술지발표실적 목록
카테고리 구분 저자 제목 학술지 권, 호(연도)
2020 국제공인 Nam-Hoon Kim and Jin Hwan Hwang Optimal Design of Water Quality Monitoring Networks in Semi-Enclosed Estuaries Sensors 20 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Jaeyoung Jung, Jin Hwan Hwang, and Alistair G. L. Borthwick Piston-Driven Numerical Wave Tank Based on WENO Solver of Well-Balanced Shallow Water Equations KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 24(7)(2020)
2020 국제공인 Young-Gyu Park, Yong Hoon Kim, Seongbong Seo, Jin Hwan Hwang and Ho Kyung Ha Environmental Impact Assessment of Carbon Storage Using a CO2 Bubble Model Journal of Coastal Research SI 95 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Kibeum Kim, Sangwon Yoon, Hyun-ah Kwon, Yongju Choi Effects of treatment agents during acid washing and pH neutralizationon the fertility of heavy metal-impacted dredged marine sediment asplant-growing soil Environmental Pollution 267 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Jaehyeong Park, Seonyoung An, Eun Hea Jho, Sungjun Bae, Yongju Choi, Jong Kwon Choe Exploring reductive degradation of fluorinated pharmaceuticals using Al2O3-supported Pt-group metallic catalysts: Catalytic reactivity, reaction pathways, and toxicity assessment Water Research 185 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Wooram Lee, Seonyoung An, Yongju Choi Ammonia harvesting via membrane gas extraction at moderately alkalinepH: A step toward net-profitable nitrogen recovery from domesticwastewater Chemical Engineering Journal 405 (2021)
2020 국제공인 Seenu Ravi, Yongju Choi, Jong Kwon Choe Achieving effective fructose-to-5-hydroxymethylfurfural conversion via facile synthesis of large surface phosphate-functionalized porous organic Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 271 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Seong-Wook Han, Yeun Chul Park, Ho-Kyung Kim and Soo-Chang Kang Effect of Strain Hardening on Increase in Collapse Pressure during the Manufacture of ERW Pipe APPLIED SCIENCES 10,5005 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Se-Jin Kim, Jae-Hong Shim, Ho-Kyung Kim How wind affects vehicles crossing a double-deck suspension bridge Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics 2020
2020 국제공인 Gyu-Beom Shin, Sung-Ha Baek, Ka-Hyun Park, Choong-Ki Chung Investigation of the soil thrust interference effect for tracked unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) using model track tests Journal of Terramechanics 2020


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