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학술지발표실적 목록
카테고리 구분 저자 제목 학술지 권, 호(연도)
2020 국제공인 Seenu Ravi, Yongju Choi, Jong Kwon Choe Achieving effective fructose-to-5-hydroxymethylfurfural conversion via facile synthesis of large surface phosphate-functionalized porous organic Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 271 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Seong-Wook Han, Yeun Chul Park, Ho-Kyung Kim and Soo-Chang Kang Effect of Strain Hardening on Increase in Collapse Pressure during the Manufacture of ERW Pipe APPLIED SCIENCES 10,5005 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Se-Jin Kim, Jae-Hong Shim, Ho-Kyung Kim How wind affects vehicles crossing a double-deck suspension bridge Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics 2020
2020 국제공인 Gyu-Beom Shin, Sung-Ha Baek, Ka-Hyun Park, Choong-Ki Chung Investigation of the soil thrust interference effect for tracked unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) using model track tests Journal of Terramechanics 2020
2020 국제공인 Dong Hyuk Yi, Deuk Woo Kim, Cheol Soo Park Prior selection method using likelihood confidence region and Dirichlet process Gaussian mixture model for Bayesian inference of building energy models Energy & Buildings 2020
2020 전문학술지 Jongwoo Cho , Hyun-Soo Lee , Moonseo Park , Kwonsik Song , Jaegon Kim & Nahyun Kwon Estimating the performance of heavy impact sound insulation using empirical approaches Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering 2020
2020 국제공인 Hyosoo Moon , Trefor P. Williams , Hyun-Soo Lee & Moonseo Park Predicting project cost overrun levels in bidding stage using ensemble learning Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering 2020
2020 전문학술지 김용주, 가동주, 김선호, 이청원 자율협력주행차 환경의 고속도로 공사구간 동적합류 및 차로변경 통합제어전략 개발 한국ITS학회논문지 2020
2020 국제공인 Nankyoung Lee, Yeonung Jeong, Hyunuk Kang and Juhyuk Moon Heat-Induced Acceleration of Pozzolanic Reaction Under Restrained Conditions and Consequent Structural Modification Materials 2020
2020 국제공인 Yeonung Jeong, Sung-Hoon Kang, Min Ook Kim, Juhyuk Moon Acceleration of cement hydration from supplementary cementitious materials: Performance comparison between silica fume and hydrophobic silica Cement and Concrete Composites 2020


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