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학술지발표실적 목록
카테고리 구분 저자 제목 학술지 권, 호(연도)
2019 국제공인 Yoon-Young Choi, Dong-Kyu Kim, Seung-Young Kho, and Peter Y. Park Safety evaluation of four safety countermeasures on freeways in South Korea JOURNAL OF TRANSPORTATION SAFETY & SECURITY 2019
2019 국제공인 Yoon-Young Choi , Seung-Young Kho , Dong-Kyu Kim, Byung-Jung Park Analysis of the duration of compliance between recidivism of drunk driving and reinstatement of license after suspension or revocation Accident Analysis and Prevention 124 (2019)
2019 국제공인 Ki Uhn Ahn, Sung Ho Park, Seungho Hwang, Sunkyu Choi & Cheol Soo Park Optimal control strategies of eight parallel heat pumps using Gaussian process emulator Journal of Building Performance Simulation 2019
2019 국제공인 Seok Bong Lee and Kyung-Duck Suh Development of Wave Overtopping Formulas for Inclined Seawalls using GMDH Algorithm KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 23(5)(2019)
2019 국제공인 Donghae Baek , Il Won Seo,Jun Song Kim, Jonathan M. Nelson UAV-based measurements of spatio-temporal concentration distributions of fluorescent tracers in open channel flows Advances in Water Resources 127 (2019)
2019 국제공인 Bo Chen, Sangwon Yoon, Yi Zhang, Longxi Han, Yongju Choi Reduction of steel slag leachate pH via humidification using water and aqueous reagents Science of the Total Environment 371(2019)
2019 국제공인 Ki Uhn Ahn , Han Sol Shin and Cheol Soo Park Energy Analysis of 4625 Office Buildings in South Korea Energies 12,6(2019)
2019 국제공인 Jae Kang Lee, Jung Ok Kim, and Seong Jin Park A study on the UAV image-based efficiency improvement of bridge maintenance and inspection Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy System 36(2019)
2018 전문학술지 김병일, 봉태호, 한진태, 장영은 수치해석을 이용한 모래다짐말뚝 치환율에 따른 호안 구조물의 거동 분석 한국지반신소재학회논문집 17,3 (2018)
2018 국제공인 Soo Yeon Choi, Il Won Seo Prediction of fecal coliform using logistic regression and tree-based classification models in the North Han River, South Korea Journal of Hydro-environment Research 21 (2018)


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