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학술지발표실적 목록
카테고리 구분 저자 제목 학술지 권, 호(연도)
2019 국제공인 Man Ho Park, Sangjae Jeong, Garyoung Lee, Hyounsu Park, Jae Young Kim Removal of aqueous-phase Pb(II), Cd(II), As(III), and As(V) by nanoscale zero-valent iron supported on exhausted coffee grounds Waste Management 92(2019)
2019 Sangjae Jeong , Jeryang Park, Yeong Min Kim, Man Ho Park, Jae Young Kim Innovation of flux chamber network design for surface methane emission from landfills using spatial interpolation models Science of the Total Environment 688(2019)
미분류 Man Ho Park, Sangjae Jeong, Jae Young Kim Adsorption of NH3-N onto rice straw-derived biochar Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 7(2019)
2019 국제공인 Man Ho Park, Jongkeun Lee, Jae Young Kim Oxidation resistance of nanoscale zero-valent iron supported on exhausted coffee grounds Chemosphere 234(2019)
2019 국제공인 Xin Zhao, Jin Chul Joo, Jung-Kul Lee, Jae Young Kim Mathematical estimation of heavy metal accumulations in Helianthus annuus L. with a sigmoid heavy metal uptake model Chemosphere 220 (2019)
2019 국제공인 Kapuku Christian, Shin-Hyung Cho, Seung-Young Kho, Dong-Kyu Kim Bayesian models with spatial autocorrelation for bike sharing ridership variability based on revealed preference GPS trajectory data IET Intelligent Transport Systems 2019
2019 국제공인 Hyejeong Yoo and Youngsang Kwon Different Factors Affecting Vacant Housing According to Regional Characteristics in South Korea Sustainability 11,6913(2019)
2019 국제공인 In-Chul Kim and Kyung-Duck Suh Spreadsheet Calculators for Stability Number of Armor Units Based on Artificial Neural Network Models KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 23,12(2019)
2019 국제공인 Eun Hak Lee, Hosuk Shin, Shin-Hyung Cho, Seung-Young Kho and Dong-Kyu Kim Evaluating the Efficiency of Transit-Oriented Development Using Network Slacks-Based Data Envelopment Analysis Energies 12,19(2019)
2019 국제공인 Jihwan Kim and Junho Song A Comprehensive Probabilistic Model of Traffic Loads based on Weigh-in-Motion Data for Applications to Bridge Structures KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 23,8(2019)


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