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학술지발표실적 목록
카테고리 구분 저자 제목 학술지 권, 호(연도)
2018 전문학술지 박영석, 장종민, 박연철 대골형 파형강판의 보강형태에 따른 휨강도 평가 실험 연구 한국강구조학회논문집 30,6(2018)
2018 국제공인 Sunjoong Kim, Ho-Kyung Kim & You Chan Hwang Enhanced Damping Estimation for Cable-Stayed Bridges Based on Operational Monitoring Data Structural Engineering International 28,3(2018)
2018 국제공인 Chul-Hwan Yoo, Yeun Chul Park, and Ho-Kyung Kim Modeling Corrosion Progress of Steel Wires in External Tendons Journal of Bridge Engineering 23, 12(2018)
2019 국제공인 Yukako Komaki, Adam M-A. Simpson, Jong Kwon Choe, Margaux M. Pinney, Daniel Herschlag, Yi-Hsueh Chuang, William A. Mitch Serum electrolytes can promote hydroxyl radical-initiated biomolecular damage from inflammation Free Radical Biology and Medicine 141 (2019)
2019 국제공인 Sang‐ri Yi, Ziqi Wang, Junho Song Gaussian mixture–based equivalent linearization method (GM‐ELM) for fragility analysis of structures under nonstationary excitations Earthquake Engineering Structural Dynamics 48, 10 (2019)
2019 국제공인 Jong-Su Jeon, Sujith Mangalathu, Junho Song & Reginald Desroches Parameterized Seismic Fragility Curves for Curved Multi-frame Concrete Box-Girder Bridges Using Bayesian Parameter Estimation JOURNAL OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING 23,6(2019)
2019 국제공인 Ji-Eun Byun, Kilian Zwirglmaier, Daniel Straub, Junho Song Matrix-based Bayesian Network for efficient memory storage and flexible inference Reliability Engineering and System Safety 185(2019)
2019 국제공인 Se-Jin Kim and Ho-Kyung Kim Feasibility of a Quasi-Static Approach in Assessing Side-Wind Hazards for Running Vehicles APPLIED SCIENCES (2019)
2019 국제공인 You Chan Hwang, Sunjoong Kim & Ho-Kyung Kim Cause investigation of high-mode vortex-induced vibration in a long-span suspension bridge Structure and Infrastructure Engineering (2019)
2019 국제공인 Seenu Ravi, Yongju Choi, Jong Kwon Choe Novel phenyl-phosphate-based porous organic polymers for removal of pharmaceutical contaminants in water Chemical Engineering Journal 379(2020) - online published(2019)


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