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학술지발표실적 목록
카테고리 구분 저자 제목 학술지 권, 호(연도)
2018 국제공인 Taehun Lee, Yoon-Young Choi, Seung-Young Kho, and Dong-Kyu Kim Multilevel Model for Ramp Crash Frequency that Reflects Heterogeneity Among Ramp Types KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering 22,1 (2018)
2018 국제공인 Seongwon Hong, Marta Gil Pérez, Thomas H.-K. Kang Case Studies of Irregular Anticlastic Membrane Structures with Asymmetry Journal of Structural Engineering 144,8 (2018)
2018 국제공인 Joo Hong Lee, Hyerin Lee, Thomas H.-K. Kang Modern computer simulation for the design of concrete catenary shell structures Computers and Concrete 21,6 (2018)
2018 국제공인 Wooram Lee, Sang won Yoon, Jong Kwon Choe, Miran Lee, Yongju Cho Anionic Surfactant modification of activated carbon for enhancing adsorption of ammonium ion from aqueous solution Science of the Total Environment 639(2018)
2018 국제공인 Jun Yong Park, Yeun Chul Park, Ho-Kyung Kim A Methodology for Fatigue Reliability Assessment Considering Stress Range Distribution Truncation International Journal of Steel Structures 2018
2018 국제공인 Nam-Hoon Kim, Van Sy Pham, Jin Hwan Hwang, Nam Il Won, Ho Kyung Ha, Jungho Im, Youngsung Kim Evaluation of Mixing and Stratification in an Estuary of Korea Marine Pollution Bulletin 129 (2018)
2018 국제공인 Jongseo Yim, Bong-Oh Kwon, Jungho Nam, Jin Hwan Hwang , Kyungsik Choi,Jong Seong Khim Analysis of forty years long changes in coastal land use and land cover of the Yellow Sea: The gains or losses in ecosystem services Journal of Environmental Pollution 241 (2018)
2018 국제공인 Thi Hoang Thao Nguyen, Jin Hwan Hwang, Sang-Il Lee, Bong-Oh Kwon Effects of SO2 contamination on rising CO2 drops under high pressure Journal of Environmental Fluid Mechanics 2018
2018 국제공인 Jun Song Kim, Il Won Seo, Donghae Baek Modeling spatial variability of harmful algal bloom in regulated rivers using a depth-averaged 2D numerical model Journal of Hydro-environment Research 20 (2018)
2018 국제공인 Jun Song Kim, Il Won Seo,, Siwan Lyu, Sunghyun Kwak Modeling water temperature effect in diatom (Stephanodiscus hantzschii )prediction in eutrophic rivers using a 2D contaminant transport model Journal of Hydro-environment Research 19 (2018)


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