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학술지발표실적 목록
카테고리 구분 저자 제목 학술지 권, 호(연도)
2020 국제공인 Wan-Shin Park, Thomas H.-K. Kang, Sanghee Kim, and Hyun-Do Yun Seismic Performance of Moderately Short Concrete Coupling Beams with Various Reinforcements ACI STRUCTURAL JOURNAL 117-s58 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Seung Yong Jeong, Thomas H.-K. Kang,Jang Keun Yoon, Ron Klemenci Seismic performance evaluation of a tall building: Practical modeling of surrounding basement structures Journal of Building Engineering 31 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Bianca-Elena Benzar, Moonseo Park, Hyun-Soo Lee, Inseok Yoon and Jongwoo Cho Determining retrofit technologies for building energy performance JOURNAL OF ASIAN ARCHITECTURE AND BUILDING ENGINEERING 2020
2020 국제공인 Seung-Hwan Lee, Sung-Ha Baek, Sang Inn Woo, Choong-Ki Chung Estimation of in situ geotechnical properties on highly weathered granite using chemical weathering indices Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 2020
2020 국제공인 Chul-Hwan Yoo, Yeun Chul Park & Ho-Kyung Kim Section loss in naturally corroded 7-wire steel strands in external tendons Structure and Infrastructure Engineering (2020)
2020 국제공인 Andrew Nghiem and Thomas H.-K. Kang Drop-Weight Testing on Concrete Beams and ACI Design Equations for Maximum and Residual Deflections under Low-Velocity Impact ACI STRUCTURAL JOURNAL 2020
2020 국제공인 Fahimeh Yavartanoo, Thomas H.-K. Kang, Tae-Uk Ha, Woo-Young Lim, and Sung-Gul Hong Restoration of Mireuksaji Stone Pagoda: Evaluation of Reinforced Granite Members with Titanium Bars Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities 34,4 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Soo Yeon Choi, Il Won Seo, Young-Oh Kim Parameter uncertainty estimation of transient storage model using Bayesian inference with formal likelihood based on breakthrough curve segmentation Environmental Modelling and Software 123 (2020)
2020 국제공인 Sung Hyun Jung, Il Won Seo, Young Do Kim and Inhwan Park Feasibility of Velocity-Based Method for Transverse Mixing Coefficients in River Mixing Analysis Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 145,11 (2019)
2020 전문학술지 Jaehyun Shin, Jin Yu Seo, Il Won Seo Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient for Mixing in Open Channel Flows with Submerged Vegetation Journal of Ecological Engineering 145,15 (2020)


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